Why do some pictures appear in more than one gallery? 

A few of the photos may fit into more than one category or gallery so that's why they may appear more than one time (e.g. the Jay Cooke River Rock black and white photo is in the gallery "Black & White Fine Art Photography" and also in "A River Runs Through It.")

Why can't I view more than one picture when I click on a gallery?

Keep clicking!  :>)  In order not to have 50 or so galleries on the "Gallery" page, I decided to have about a dozen main categories and then have sub-folders or sub-galleries within the main folder.  I also designed it knowing that for instance there will be a Grandma's Marathon 2017 or Tall Ships 2019 to add into the main galleries

How can I get a picture formatted differently? 

Most of the pictures are formatted to fit 8x10 or 8x12.  But there are a few that are more panoramic.  So if you like a picture but would rather have it cropped differently than what the shopping cart will allow for, just send me an email and we will put one out there for you to meet your specs.  :>)

Do you have more pictures of certain events?

Yes!  For instance, for the KIA Drag Races I took about 1300 pictures but obviously don't want to put them all in that gallery.  So if you are wondering if I have (for instance) a picture of a certain car but can't find it in the gallery, just send me an email with the car make, model, color and number if you have it, and I will be more than happy to search for it for you.

If you have questions regarding pricing and the various formats available, please email Dan @ dan.lee.vanderark@gmail.com

(Orders arrive in about 1 week)